Neotech NES-3003-4 speaker cable



Neotech NES-3003-4
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NEOTECH NES series cable

Neotech NES-3003-4

Cable Length : 4 metre / pair

choice of Y-spade or banana plug,


NES-3000 series speaker cables are made by the state-of-the-art UP-OCC (Ultra Pure - Ohno Continuous Casting) Copper Technology Conductor.

NES-3003 is another specialty designed 9AWG (6.0sqmm) Hybrid speaker cable. The perfect match of UP-OCC stranded conductor & Silver Plated OFC conductor has increases the dynamic range with transparent & accurate sound. Consisting of UP-OCC copper conductor plus Polyethylene insulation, and Silver Plated OFC spiral conductor with CL3 flame retardant jacket.
- UP-OCC Tech. Strand Copper Conductor
- Polypropylene Inner Insulation
- UP-OCC & Silver Plated spiral Hybird Conductor after Inner Insulation
- CL3 Rated PVC Insulation


other lenghts available, please inquire us for more information