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MSB Technology - Diamond DAC IV Plus


The Diamond DAC IV plus is the reference DAC in the world today. It is flexible, upgradable, with customized features and color, and offers the most life-like sound possible. It was designed in a way that it can be used as the last component in your system before the amplifiers.  With the added convenience of having multiple digital inputs and one or more Analog inputs you can easily eliminate your preamp. You may connect your turntable through the analog input and all your digital sources directly to the DAC IV plus.   The Analog Output is volume controlled (if the optional Volume Control is installed).

History of the DAC

The Diamond DAC IV plus is the result of wild abandon in the engineering budget. MSB had several good years of sales and we decided to invest the proceeds in finding out just how precise a DAC could be made, and whether it would be noticeable or if other system limitations would mask the improvements. The project was surprisingly successful and the outcome most gratifying. By 2007 we had a concept that was theoretically going to exceed the accuracy of our outstanding Signature DACs. In mid 2008 our first rough prototype indeed provided clear sonic improvements over the very high precision Signature DAC. In 2009 the final design was finished and the results were outstanding. Not only has the DAC still been the limiting factor, but it has been a significant limiting factor. (For more information on How DACs Work!   see this simple but accurate explanation.)

Now the Diamond DAC IV plus is not just a better DAC, it is a whole new DAC. It includes new DSP code, a new clock and new DAC modules as well as additional shielding, as the already low noise design required additional shielding as the DAC precision increased.

About the Sound

The Diamond DAC IV plus takes your listening experience to a new high.   The lower noise and distortion allow the dynamics to come to life with more room for the music.   The top end is much more open and the bass response is more musical and more resolving.  It may be hard for owners of the Signature DACs to believe that their DAC IV can get much better, but it can.  All we can say is listening is believing.

Diamond DAC IV plus Specifications

- Inputs: All 384 kHz Coaxial (RCA and BNC), Toslink, Balanced AES/EBU, MSB PRO I2S (32 bit) and Balanced Analog input (600 ohms)

- RCA Outputs: 3.6V RMS (10V pp)<br />- Balanced Outputs: 7.5V RMS (20V pp)

- Output Impedance: 50 ohms at 0 dB<br />- Volume Control: 1 dB Stepped Attenuator with 1/2 or 1/4 db steps selectable (+9 to -69 dB)

- Sampling Frequency: 1.5 MHz up to 3 MHz 64x and 128x DSD

- Digital Filter: by MSB Technology

- Slew Rate: 1000 V/Microsecond

- Settling Time: 90 Nanoseconds

- Control Features:


Display Dim Mode

Phase Invert

384 kHz Upsampling

Volume Control

Maximum Volume

Input Selection

Filter Selection Bit-Perfect Test - Upgrade Options:
 USB1 input
 USB2 input
 Additional S/PDIF inputs
 Pro I2S or MSB Network Input Option
Galaxy Femtosecond Clock Upgrade
Link II Upgrade


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