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MSB Analog DAC

The Most Technologically Advanced DAC in the World


The Analog DAC offers you analog-like sound with the features you need. It has three input slots and you can select any inputs you want. It includes a basic MSB Desktop supply.

80 bit Digital processing

  • Femto Second Clock Technology
  • 384 kHz. Discrete Ladder DACs
  • 64x, 128x and 256x DSD played native (.DFS, .DFF and .DXF files)
  • Simple To Use and Integrate
  • Advanced Inputs include Premier Quad USB and Network Renderer.
  • Optional Analog Volume Control
  • Separate Analog Power Supplies
  • Modular Inputs With Advanced High Resolution I2S Technology
  • Internet Controllable From Your Mobile Device


Sound Quality That Challenges the Best Analog Sources


includes :

Analog DAC - refurbished

Analog Power Supply

Quad Rate DSD

Network Renderer

Ground Isolated Network Wireless Controller.