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Bob Carver Black Beauty 305

300 watt tube amplifier

black casing, 220-240 volts

1 pair available


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About the Bob Carver Black Beauty 305

The Black Beauty 305 Mono Block Amplifier is the perfect blend of form and function and the ideal choice for serious music listeners. This amplifier was designed to drive the most demanding speakers and features a high impedance input, an automatic DC restorer circuit, a "set and forget" bias adjustment, and low idle current which greatly increases output tube life. It has an ultra-wide bandwidth output transformers with interleaved windings capable of the most nuanced voice as well as huge peak output capacity. Selectable feedback control allows the user to change the sound of the amplifier from vintage classical to modern contemporary.

more details: http://www.bobcarver.com/vta305.asp



•Number of Line Inputs: 1
•Input impedance: 100 k ohms
•Input Stage: 12AX7 current sourced low noise valve
• Pre-driver Stage: 12AT7 long tailed high gain balanced pair
• Automatic DC Restoration: 6AL5
• Nominal Voltage Gain: 30 dB (into 8 ohms)
• Output Stage Configuration: 3 complementary Sets of KT120s in a push pull configuration (6 total)
• Regulated Screen Supply Voltage: 390V
• Output tube plate voltage: 785V
• Output Tube Idle Power: Less than 14W each
• Bias Adjustment: Rear panel pot, front panel meter, "Set and Forget"
• Rated Power: 305 watts into 8 ohms, 330 watts into four ohms, 290 watts into two ohms
• Noise: Better than 110 dB A Weighted referenced into 305 watts
• Hum: -100 dB
• Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 85 kHz. (-3dB)
• Full Power Bandwidth: 24 Hz to 28 kHz. Without filters
• Feedback Control Switch: 20dB for Classic Amplifier Sound, 11 dB for Contemporary Amplifier Sound
• Distortion: Less than 0.5%
• Output Transformer: Interleaved windings, super wideband low leakage inductance design
• Output Impedance: 1.6 ohms
• Speaker outputs: 2, 4, and 8 ohm terminals
• Built in Output Tube Tester: Yes
• Construction Method: Point-to-Point hand wired axial and radial leaded components with star grounds and no circuit board traces or de-plugable connectors.
• Components: High reliability wire wound and metal film resistors, Metal polyester capacitors in the audio signal paths
• Weight: 43 lbs per chassis
• Dimensions: 14" deep x 12" wide x 7.2" tall
• Color: Gloss Black with a silver fleck and brushed silver trim is standard or optional Cherry Red with Champagne colored trim.
• Country of Origin: United States of America
• Warranty: Chassis - 7 Years, Tubes - 1 Year
• 5 years transferrable warranty